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Flour Girl/Luna Bakery & Cafe


Flour Girl, now a part of Luna Bakery & Cafe, creates fabulous wedding cakes from the finest all natural ingredients. Bridget Thibeault, chef/owner, personally works with each client and designs each wedding cake.

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Classic Summer Country Club Wedding

This summer stunner from Hunter Photographic epitomizes classic style in every way possible. From the Bride arriving at the same church and in the same Rolls Royce as her mother in 1977, to the lace Pronivias dress, the pearls, the tux and everything in between. Ending with a serious bang of beautiful fireworks (a surprise for the Bride & Groom!) this...


Ohio Wedding from Heather Waraksa

Woven in the depths of this beautiful day is a love story that spans across the world and back. From a college anthropology class to a sabbatical in South Africa, these two loveies planned their long-awaited wedding with no shortage of heart, soul, and homage to their adventures along the way. Heather Waraksa snapped up every can't-miss moment, and there's more...


Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

It might be the weekend for you now, and you may be getting ready to shut down your computer and turn on your voicemail, but I need your attention for just a moment longer. Why? Because tomorrow, right here, you will see the GORGEOUS bride who fits into these stunning shoes - and the rest of her wedding in the form of a fab highlight film from Loudbyte Cinematography. Now... have a wonderful weekend my loves! xoxo

Photography by ...


Chagrin Valley Hunt Club Wedding from Jess + Nate Studios & Kirkbrides

I might have gone a little image crazy with this wedding - but as soon as you lay eyes on the photos from Jess + Nate Studios, you'll understand. The wedding, planned & designed by the bride, her mother, and Kirkbrides, is absolute perfection. One for the books. Top of our favorite weddings list.